Orthotics can help with heel pain/plantar fasciitis, arch pain, bunions, corns, flat feet, high arches, toe problems, achilles and posterior tibialis tendonitis, ankle, knee, hip and lower back pain. People of all ages can benefit from custom made orthotics.


Orthotics can help to resolve existing symptoms and conditions and they can also prevent conditions and injuries from occuring.

The chirorpactor will perform a full foot, knee and back examination while you sit, stand and walk.  A diagnosis will be provided and if orthotics are prescribed the best type will be ordered with the appropriate corrections. There are different types of orthotics ranging from rigid to soft.  There are also different types of orthotics depending on the patient's footwear. There are orthotics for dress shoes, casual shoes and sport shoes.  Orthotics for athletic footwear are also available such as for skates and cleats.

A mold of the bottom of the foot is taken and it is sent to an orthotic lab to manufacture the orthotic devices according to the doctor's prescription.  The orthotics will then be fitted into the patient's shoes.  The orthotics require a break in period and patients may experience some discomfort initially.  The doctor will discuss with you how to break in the orthotics and what to expect in that period.


For further information, or to book an appointment for an evaluation please contact the clinic.